Scrap Products

ABS Regrind
ABS scrap and Electronic
Mixed ABS SCrap

Aluminum Breakage
Aluminum Extrusions
Aluminum UBC
Auto Transmissions
Aluminum Radiators
Aluminum Cable
Aluminum Auto wheels
Aluminum Old Sheet/Cast

Copper/brass trasformer
Copper/brass starter
Copper/brass-copper cathods
Copper/brass Radiator
Copper/brass- Brass & bronze
Copper/brass compressor

Electronic Recycling-Computer scrap
Electronic Recycling-Printer Scrap
Electronic Recycling-Used Television video & cable equipment
Electronic Recycling-used phones & telephone equipment

EVA pellet
EVA Film
HDPE film
HDPE regrind
HDPE pellet
HDPE bottle
HDPE lump
HDPE drool and purgings

Iron & Steel- HMS 1&2
Iron & Steel-Iron scrap
Iron & Steel-Iron ore
Iron & Steel- Steel Mill Scrap
Iron & Steel-rail scrap/ship breaking

LDPE Regrind
LDPE pellet

Metal Recycling - Copper Brass
Metal Recycling -Iron & Steel
Metal Recycling -Stainless Steel
Metal Recycling -Electric motor
Metal Recycling -Mixed Metals Alloys
Metal Recycling - Aluminum
Metal Recycling -Mixed Yellow Brass/Honey
Metal Recycling -Wire/Cable scrap
Metal Recycling- Shredded Auto

PA (Nylon)-Natural PA Regrind
PA (Nylon)-Colered PA Regrind
PA (Nylon)-Mixed PA Filament scrap

Paper Recycling-Mixed office paper
Paper Recycling-Newspaper
Paper Recycling- OCC
Paper Recycling-Magazines
Paper Recycling-Mixed paper scrap
Paper Recycling-Kraft Scrap
Paper Recycling-paper pulp

PC pellet
PC Regrind
PC flake
PC bottle

PET Flake
PET bottle
PET Regrind
PET Film
PET Lump
PET fiber

Plastic Recycling-PC
Plastic Recycling-PP
Plastic Recycling-PS
Plastic Recycling-PET
Plastic Recycling-PVC
Plastic Recycling- ABS
Plastic Recycling- EVA
Plastic Recycling-HDPE
Plastic Recycling-LDPE
Plastic Recycling-PE
Plastic Recycling-PA ( Nylon )

PP-PP Regrind
PP-PP pellet
PS regrind
PS Flake
PSDrool and Purging

PVC-Colored PVC Scrap
PVC regrind
PVC pellet
Mixed PVC Scrap

Rubber Recycling-Rubber Granule
Rubber Recycling-Rubber Powder
Rubber Recycling-Rubber Regrind
Rubber Recycling-Used Tire

HMS 1&2
Aluminum scrap
pet bottles scrap
cathode copper 99.99%
SHG Zinc ingot 99.995
Aluminum alloy wheel scrap
Copper WIRE SCRAP, Mill Berry 99%-99%